Michelle Bourke was born and raised in Melbourne and married her soul mate Paul in 1991 and raised their 2 children in their home in Taylors Lakes.

After 35 plus years in business, Michelle walked away from a corporate career in management to care for Paul, her terminally ill husband during his last 6 months and prepare him for his final journey.

During this time she found herself juggling the roles of nurse, doctor, advocate, counsellor, wife and mother.

The difficult and personal experience maneuvering through the health and government departments were frustrating and exhausting. Michelle found that there was limited or no support during Paul’s terminal illness and information was inadequate.  Her only real support came from Palliative care but was minimal with only short periods of time allocated to the care of Paul.

Michelle hopes that by sharing her journey with Paul, she may assist others that find the system exasperating and provide support especially to those caring for a loved one who is terminally ill.

Michelle through her Being Connected organisation provides information, knowledge and training through the dying2know series of talks and workshops empowering individuals on their journey to expand personally and spiritually.

Michelle continues to show strength and courage when losing a loved one and her determination to help others, inspiring.