Why do we find it difficult to talk about death?

Why is talking about death such a taboo subject?  It doesn’t have to be.

We were very fortunate that when Paul my husband was diagnosed as terminally ill and months to live, we were able to think and plan how he wanted to celebrate his life.

Paul was very particular with what he wanted but did not talk about it that much.  A week before he passed away he wrote on a small piece of paper his wishes and briefly explained what he wanted and the rest was left up to me to organise.

There have been many people I have spoken to who have lost loved ones and have spoken of the frustration felt due to not knowing what their loved one wanted.

It is extremely difficult to face death no matter what the age or who you are. But again you are not alone, we all have to face death one day. Planning and talking about how we want to celebrate our lives is beneficial not only to yourself but also to family members or loved ones that are left behind.

Now that I have experience in this area and know what to expect, I have found it easier to assist individuals and families in planning for their special celebration of life.

It’s never too early to plan, so I have developed a workshop that will assist individuals in preparing their final wishes and have a better understanding about death & dying.  Have a look under Workshops for the current dates available. To Workshops

If you are in this situation and don’t know what to do and require assistance, I am only a phone call away.

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