Welcome to Dying 2 Know

Dying 2 Know is a part of the Being Connected organisation that provides information, knowledge and training through the dying2know series of talks and workshops empowering individuals on their journey to expand personally and spiritually.

Dealing with a loved one who is terminally ill and dying is very confronting to say the least. Majority of us don’t have skills or training in preparing a loved one for death. As it is a very emotional time for loved ones. The thought of planning and organising their final journey can be very overwhelming and daunting.

That’s where the role of a Death Doula or End of Life Consultant can assist.

My specialty is the planner, I am able to assist families with preparing and planning for their loved one in relation to final wishes or milestones to funerals and managing the estate after death.

My Being Connected with contacts in the industry including a Death Doula or End of Life Consultant can assist families seeking assistance during the terminal illness or the end of life journey.

My experience is personal, as I was an advocate and liaison between medical and palliative care for my husband, I was able to hold space and prepare him to transition to eternal life in a warm and loving environment at home. I felt privileged to be able to sit with our family respecting his final wishes.

My role is to prepare people for the inevitable to ensure that all paperwork and requests including final wishes are recorded.  Through the series of dying2know talks and workshops this prepares individuals and families with updated final wishes and all applicable documentation by completing the dying2know wishes kit.